It is a normal apartment located in the highest part of the city. It is in itself large enough for a person with a bathroom, living-dining room, kitchen, a bedroom and a small balcony. The room is not an extremely large room, but it does have a good space to move around. The floor is laminated in wood as is the ceiling. The walls are light green with some columns, decorated with various paintings throughout the room, and shelves. One of the walls next to the bed, has a library.

The main window of the room is somewhat large, has a metallic frame and brown details, there is also a wooden ledge in the middle of the window and the bed, which covers the whole wall, from end to end, and there has a small plant , Books, an alarm clock, and some photos. In the left part of the room, the bed occupies approximately a quarter of the space of the same, is laid out with white sheets and a green bedspread with a black Shurikens design and a large pillow.

In the right part of the room, we can see a wooden desk, a kind of organizer or a closet in white and on the wall, a board where they put all the notes or perhaps important reminders, and some decorative pictures. In the back of the room is the white entrance door with a wooden frame, and in front of it a rug, next to a series of narrow ledges, a small decorative picture of a mountain and the other side of The door, which seems to be a trunk.

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