If necessary, missions can change without prior notice, in which case those who have taken the mission will receive the new reward stipulated by the staff.

-The missions are ranked according to their level of difficulty, where the rank 1 are the easiest and the rank 5 are the most difficult.

– For the missions of rank 5 it is necessary the narration of someone of the staff, known like masterización for it will be used the account Npc (Auros).

-During range 5 missions, pjs can die if their HP reaches zero.

-The missions will be carried out in a single subject with the name of the same. The post number will be in question of the actions of the characters, what they delay in resolving the matter.

-The reward will be given to all participants equally, ie if the reward is 100 all the PCs that have completed it will receive 100 soulinks. (If you die or leave the mission you will lose the reward).

-For this, missions of three or more may be continued if one of the participants decides not to continue.

– In the missions of rank 5 will fight with dice, also must remember that the monsters and other creatures count on a roll of supreme or divine rank.

“You can only do one mission at a time.”

-In those minor missions to rank 5 it is allowed to use NPCs.

-The missions can not be individual, must be performed by at least 3 people who is the minimum of members of a guild.
The missions have a maximum of people, but there may be 1 more if no mastering is chosen, except in the Special Hunt Missions (mandatory materalization).

– Colossal Hunt Missions are challenges for guilds in which huge creatures will be hunted and more powerful than normal.

-To request a mission, they must open the subject and then post it down here, clarifying who will participate in it. Once posted this topic can not include more people.

– The missions are not exclusive to the users so several groups can carry out the mission equally.

-In the lower missions to rank 5, the mastering is optional.

– Some missions have included extra requirements and data, such as scenario damage and player interactions. The details will be specified by the NPC in all missions (with or without master, but if it is without master, exclusively information for the players to have a base).

– The possibility of failing the mission has been added if the objective of the mission is not fulfilled (that an NPC suffers damage, a load, a vehicle, miss a mission object, etc …).

-In almost all missions there will be a confrontation that can play for or against the objectives.

List of missions
Missions of rank 1

-Bodygard’s: A whimsical young spatium nobleman has decided to go visit the hostentosa city of rihm, his family very worried about this has decided to hire a guild to protect him. Your duty will be to take care of him and avoid embarrassment to the surname, the photographers harass him and he usually gets into bar fights. Protect the boy for 24 hours without being hit or photographed and you will get your reward.
Reward: 400 Soulinks, maximum three people.

-Navigate: Several tourists from the holiday island have used an aircraft to fly over the island goblin, however due to a failure of the same, have ended up making a forced landing on that island. After using the radio to ask for help, the company that offered them the trip contacted the headquarters of the guild asking for help to repair the ship and rescue the tourists who are hiding inside it. For this they have sent a copy of the manual and quite precise instructions. Go there and repair the ship, but beware, the beasts there do not like the crowds.
Reward: 450 Soulinks, maximum four people.
Rank 2 missions
– Drinking games: One of the busiest bars in Rihm is losing much more money than it collects, at this rate it seems that they will go bankrupt. The reason for this is the countless fights that happen in the same and that end up destroying all the furniture and drinks of the place, and even driving away the employees. That is why the owner of the bar has decided to place an ad looking for the toughest union of all, needs someone to do employee and security at a time to prevent this from happening. They must work there for three days, until they get new employees. It should be noted that the bar also works as a brothel, touching women is prohibited and not to mention in the setting of the bar men should wear a tuxedo and women in a bunny costume.
[Bars and motels in Rihm should be located in the area]
Reward: 750 Soulinks, maximum three people.

– After the waterfall: The daughter of a fortune teller is lost while walking in the forest of the cosmos, apparently the vibes tell you that it is in a cave that can only be accessed by an underwater tunnel after a large waterfall. Head there and rescue, but be careful, in the place you can feel another presence.
Reward: 775 Soulinks, maximum four people.

Rank 3 Missions
– Clandestine Guild: The clandestine guild “Cerberus” has been taking missions to attack those who hire them and steal their money, they are now staying in the chocobo valley of tempus. Go after them and give them a lesson in what a real guild can do. Its members are three and handle elements, be careful and good luck.
Reward: 850 Soulinks, maximum three people.
“At the bottom of the sea: A great treasure has been lost at the bottom of the sea, it was in a merchant ship carrying a part of the treasure of one of the wealthiest nobles of spatium. This one is inside the boat in deep waters, the problem is the frozen waters of the tempus seas, you must go there with a boat to break the ice and swim to take the treasure but be careful, you can die frozen before playing The boat if you do not prepare well.

Rank 4 missions
-The volcano is furious: The powerful and imposing volcano ragnarok has just erupted and threatens to devastate everything around it if it does not stop the lava that it expels. The mission of your guild is to contain it until the volcano is back inactive, this can take minutes, hours or days so you are likely to fatigue.
Reward: 1100 Soulinks, maximum five people.
[Burn damage, volcanic rocks and smoke intoxication]

Multiple metal supply ships traveling to tempus have been attacked by a powerful Kraken whom the surviving sailors called “Khalamari”, this powerful creature has completely prevented ships from reaching their destination safely . Tempus company, the company that needs those metals has hired your guild to protect it at all costs. Defend the ship and prevent it from sinking, if you can killer kraken to get a special object.
Rank 5 missions
Mastered missions with risk of death.

-The trolls’ revenge: Apparently, the members of a clandestine guild have beaten a troll who ended up really furious. The best idea of ​​this type was to run directly to the place where your guild is installed and if, as the trolls do not have two front fingers have ended by putting together a mini army of 7 trolls and have gone directly to your guild to shred All that they see. Defend yourself or your guild will end up in pieces.

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