At first there was chaos, a uniform conglomerate composed of the four elements, water, earth, sky and air, in which they were constantly in imbalance, consuming each other to reborn and continue to consume. Chaos, it was the only thing that existed in that great plane called Nihil (nothing), there was neither time, nor light, nor darkness, nor matter; Only chaos. However, from the constant movement of these energies time and space were created, thus creating the omnia (everything) and the years began to run into space. With the passage of time these energies found balance within space and continued to be creative energies, so the universe appeared. Not as we know it now, but as a primary universe where everything was composed of black spaces. Yet as time progressed the elemental deities continued their task of creation and gave birth to a complete universe which was the totality of space and time, of all forms of matter, energy and impulse, laws and Physical constants that govern them. Within this complex universe, a new and gigantic planet was created. Spirit Soul, was a place where they inhabited the greatest natural wealth ever seen, a planet with great potential. Where there were 3 kingdoms Spatium, the kingdom of the warriors. Chaos, the realm of chaos and Tempus, the realm of wisdom.

These constantly faced each other in savage wars against each other, however, after thousands of battles the planet was about to be destroyed, when the inhabitants noticed as their end came closer they decided to stop, they united and an alliance of neutrality was created, where It was sought to maintain peace between the kingdoms to keep the planet safe, so even though occasionally small altercations were generated, Spirit Soul continued to live in peace and the inhabitants of the three kingdoms were able to travel freely throughout the territory. A hierarchy was created and it was dictated that all the empires would be governed by a single person, the Lord. Things were quiet in spirit soul for about 100 years, but little by little conflicts broke out between the three kingdoms and the tension between the citizens began to increase, many of them joined groups of revolutionaries who tried to overthrow the power and to assassinate to the Ruler of this land. Others believed that they really believed in their mandate joined the Dominia brigades to defend the current regime and protect the population. Spirit Soul is now almost on the verge of a civil war.

The Chocobo valley was a small town where people lived very calm and peaceful. There were several houses, some tourist hotels and a gigantic chocolate factory famous for its incredibly delicious products. Nevertheless, after the terrible fight during the festival realized in commemoration to the 150 years of the factory, the tycoon owner of the same one was assassinated and the inconformity of the town in this place became remarkable. A few days later, the funeral of the chocolate magnate was held. He was buried in the cemetery of that city he loved. At the moment The factory closed and was demolished reason why a lot of citizens when being unemployed migrated to more prosperous places, at that moment only humble and indigent families live that appropriated of the abandoned places. Since then, the Chocobo Valley has become the most marginal place in Tempus.

Atlantis conspiracy
Beta Tester, alluding to their bioterrorist tests for checking who are strong enough to survive the disease. They called his terrible creation Bythos, a fast-acting parasite. In thirty minutes the victim knows that he suffers, causing very high sudden fevers and respiratory insufficiency. Bythos throughout seven hours, will cause internal hemorrhages that will lead to the death to the patient. For fear of all, no drug of those that exists can stop it, there is no cure, except that offered by the organization itself in exchange for a large sum of money. They stayed at Atlantis, where their laboratory is based on the typical Tempus technology.
After the death of several people in the world, the epidemic was controlled thanks to the members of the government sent to obtain the cure and to eliminate the terrorists.

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