The world is divided into three spatial kingdoms Chaos and tempus, and in these kingdoms there are different races that make up their population, depending on the kingdom you choose will be the type of races you can own. All races that have no human form by nature can have human form and be transformed at the time of combat, that is at the decision of each.

It is the people of the warriors, its inhabitants are characterized by being mostly brave, skilled for combat and great followers of justice. His kingdom is set in the year 1960, in a society that values ​​above all the skills for combat.
Scientific advances: The latest invention was desktop computers (sold at a very high price), the fastest way to move from one location to another is by train or cars. Entertainment is generally provided by radio although a few settlers enjoy television. The biggest event in the kingdom is the Gladiators Tournament, held in the combat coliseum and is televised to the world once every 5 years thanks to negotiations with Tempus.
Politics: Governed by the second minister.
Social Progress: Divided into three sectors.
– The nobles, who get 30% of the state taxes and live comfortably with great luxuries.
– The middle class, who lives day by day without any kind of luxuries and working daily to survive in addition, must pay all taxes set.
– The low sectors, do not have resources, generally neither home and survive as they can.
Medical Advances: A public hospital and a private clinic in each city, physicians moderately good at treating wounds.
Education: Small local schools with one or two teachers and a slightly larger school in the capital.
Economy: The currency is Soulink. He imports Chaos weapons and uses his army to provide security in other countries at a low cost.

They have the appearance of a beautiful young Norse warrior; they usually ride on horseback and are fabulous Amazons. They are skillful with spear, bow, and sword. Their strength is superhuman, as is their endurance and agility.
Lycanthropes are human beings that can be transformed into animals totally or partially.
Three types of lycanthropes can be distinguished:
Authentic lycanthrope; For which lycanthropy is a genetic trait.
Infected lycanthrope; His lycanthropy appears to be injured by an authentic lycanthrope.
Artificial licántropos; Can control their lycanthropy through magical objects.
Werewolves usually have two forms; The human and the hybrid. The hybrid form has traits of the animal to which it resembles, and also possesses human features. The hybrid form is the size of the animal, not the human. Some lycanthropos present a third form, which corresponds only to that of the animal, without any human trait.
Any creature that has been wounded by a lycanthrope, but not dead, can contract its lycanthropy. The probability of this lycanthropy passing to the victim is greater the stronger the true lycanthrope.

Vampire / Vampire
A vampire is a living dead endowed with enormous strength and power, who maintains his immortality by drinking the blood of living beings.
Vampires or, as they like to call themselves, the offspring, exist since the earliest times that man remembers.
Every human trait is a trait that the vampire can possess, with the proviso that when the person is converted, it has a series of small modifications in the body, stylizing a little more his skin and eliminating small imperfections throughout the body, although That does not imply that a person who is old to be converted will have a young body, although if stronger and it will be noticeable that the body will look better.
They are intelligent beings, powerful and bold. They usually belong to the aristocracy and hold high political positions in their kingdom. Possess good physical characteristics and considerable beauty. Sunlight kills them or reduces their power, They need blood to live, They are generally too proud.

The minotaurs are immense humanoids with head and tail of bull, very strong and muscular.
Its creation is unknown, although it is suspected that they were created by a curse.
The nature of a minotaur is closer to that of an animal than to that of a man; Are less intelligent than humans but their senses are more acute. They have very developed the smell and the infravision and are also very clever beings.

The centaur is a being with horse body and torso, arms and human head.
He lives in balance with nature, so he only hunts what he needs to live and, if he fills one tree, he plants another. It is common to find them in meadows, clearings and deciduous forests. They are very sociable with other species of the forest.
Centaurs are known for their spear and bow skills, although they can also use clubs and shields at the time of the fight. They are beings of great strength, especially for their animal part. This part of the horse allows them to scratch, trample and carry a spear.

The newts are species that inhabit seas and oceans. Have the ability to swim at incredible speeds and great handling of the sea currents that can be used to launch powerful jets of water. There are two types of marine men: those with tail (male companions of mermaids) and those who have perfectly human limbs, but coated with a kind of scales all over their skin

Elementary Genie
Geniuses are magical beings who live on the elemental planes of air, fire, earth and water. These beings are composed of energy and are incredibly powerful because they derive directly from the creative energies. They do not usually accept orders from anyone unless they really respect it.
The main types of genius are:
-Djinns: Geniuses of the elemental plane of the air.
They can form vortices of air with those who attack their enemies. Their agility in flight makes them almost incapacitating. They are friendly, although they can become quite derogatory with beings who, unlike them, need wings to fly.
Their magic allows them to create food and drink, create objects of wood or metal, create illusions, become invisible and adopt gaseous form.
-Efreetis: They are the geniuses of the elemental plane of fire and are made of basalt, bronze and flames.
They are neutral, but they get pretty bad with the Djinn.
If an Efreeti is captured or invoked he must serve for 1001 days or even grant 3 wishes.
Their magic allows them to transform into gaseous form, to polymorphize themselves, to create walls of fire, to produce flames and other pyrotechnic effects.

-Dos: They are the geniuses of the elemental plane of earth.
The Daos are evil and of average intelligence. They like to appear on the primary material plane to do evil. Their magic allows them to become invisible, to adopt gaseous form, to create a spectral force, to create stone walls and to cause errors in the orientation of its victims.
Among the enemies of the Dao are other geniuses like the Djinn. The Efreet often negotiate with the Dao, therefore they tolerate each other.

-Marids: The Marids are the geniuses of the elemental plane of water, and they are also the most powerful geniuses that exist.
They are very proud beings, selfish and individualistic. They are rarely displayed on the primary plane, and even more difficult is a Marid to obey orders, so these geniuses are not usually invoked to serve.
They can communicate with any entity or creature of any plane through telepathy.
Their control over the water element is spectacular. They can raise and lower the water at will, create enormous walls of contained water, polymorphize in water, create water from nothing, transform air into water

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