These are the charges that exist within the Hierarchy of the kingdom.

Lord: He is the person who directs the world as a whole. It is the highest authority of Spirit soul. Ruler and Supreme Monarch whose word is the law, the majority of the people worship him.

Costs Dei: They are 5 guardians in charge to assure the security of the Lord, to serve to him in what order and to stay by his side as much as possible. They have authority over the whole army and ministers.

Position: Costs Dei.
Ranges: Primo Dei, Secondo Dei, Terzo Dei, Quarto Dei, Quintus Dei.
-Reserved for cannons-

Order of Regem:
It is made up of three powerful ministers, each representing a kingdom.
Title: Order of business.
Ranks: 1st Minister, 2nd Minister, 3rd Minister.

1st Minister:
It is the Minister of War, represented by Chaos and is in charge of facing the battle, directing and organizing the troops.
Nationality: Chaos. (Indicate what nationality you must have to aspire to the position)
Resides in: Chaos urbanis. (The place where you will live while you are in charge)

2nd Minister:
He is the minister of justice represented by Spatium and is responsible for keeping the laws and enforcing them within the kingdom.
Nationality: Spatium.
Resides in: Spatium urbanis.

3rd Minister:
She is the minister of words represented by Tempus and is responsible for teaching the young people of the kingdom, as well as the director of the great training academy. He also obtained the rank of Admiral General in case of any war between the kingdoms.
Nationality: Tempus.
Resides in: Tempus urbanis.

Caduceus: They are the doctors of the kingdom, those who are in charge of ministering to the ministers and the warriors of each place. Each kingdom has one assigned.
-Caduceus of Chaos.
Nationality: Chaos, Spatium or Tempus.
Lives in: Military Base.
-Caduceus of Spatium.
Nationality: Chaos, Spatium or Tempus.
Resides in: General Base of Justice.
-Caduceus of Tempus.
Nationality: Chaos, Spatium or Tempus.
Lives in: Maritime Base.

Steps above simple presumptuous nobles of money, these heads of families or heirs are those who for years have supported and financed the works or designs given by the Lord. From time immemorial, by supreme obedience and admiration to the monarch, they have deposited their resources at the service of the governments or their entities, mainly in warlike, sanitary or technological areas. They believe in the sovereignty of the Lord above all things, seeking to contribute faithfully as material in all that he may require. Families that do not have any stain on these prestigious surnames, who amassed their fortune in works as bleached as their group indicates.
Position: Golden Alliance
Nationality: Spatium, Tempus or Chaos.
Reside in: Any city of Tempus.

Army of Chaos

Warriors gladius:
They are considered the strongest warriors of the kingdom of Chaos, with an unequaled destructive power. They are under the command of the prime minister, its duty is to protect the lord and its ministers eliminating any possible threat. However, they are only loyal to the prime minister and the Lord.
Position: Gladius Warriors.
Rank: Warrior Gladius 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5.
Nationality: Chaos, Spatium or Tempus.
Resides in: Chaos urbanis.

Paladin: The paladin is responsible for getting the word of the minister throughout the kingdom of Chaos. Knowing every corner of the kingdom, high strategist and warrior, accompanies the minister in any case becoming practically his protective shadow. He heads the Army of Chaos ordering and instructing the Elite Knights, remaining in a minor status to the Gladius. He only accepts direct order from the Lord or Chaos minister, but he feels a great empathy and deep respect for the Gladius.
Position: Paladin
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Nationality: Chaos
Lives in: Chaos Urbanis

Elite Knight: They are knights who guide the disorganized and bloody Chaos troops during the battle. They are imposing enough to make those medieval beings allow themselves to be guided by them.
Position: Elite Knight
Range: Elite Knight 1, 2 or 3.
Nationality: Chaos, Spatium or Tempus.
Resides in: Any city of Chao
Guardianes: Desordenados y sanguinarios guerreros que ansían la batalla. Viven y respiran la guerra por donde quiera que van, son muy experimentados a la hora de Luchar.

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